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Key Members

Professional Group for the best

We believe the power of architecture
We believe the power of architecture is in the ubiquitous impacts on people's lives thatthe space and built environment has. That is
Why we work meticulously to provide the most beautiful stage for their lives.
We Design World-Class Project.
To be a global leader, we take full responsibility for projects accuracy and quality, from the beginning of design to construction completion.
GAKYEONG Architects & Engineers Inc. has and will continue to broaden our reach in the world market though our diverse
cooperation with global companies such as PERKINS+WILL, REARDON SMITH Architects, and Foure Seasons Hotel group.
  • C.E.O (Urban Planning Design)
    JinKoo Cho / Urban Planner
    • 1978

      Seoul National University
      Graduate School of Environment Studies

    • 1981

      International Institute For Aerial Survey & Science
      (Enschede, The Netherlands)

    • Riyadh Housing Project 1,2,3,4
    • Seoul Comprehensive Plan for 2000
    • Structure Plan for Gyeongnam Province, Korea
    • Luang Prabang C.C Development Project
    • Al Ghadeer Housing Site Development Project
    • Dhaka Regional Development Plan Project, Bangladesh
    • The Third Regional Development Project, Georgia
  • C.E.O (Architectural Design)
    Jundong Lee
    • 2000

      Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Architect

    • Korean Embassy in China official and residence
    • Bundang SK Park View residence complex
    • Cheonan Park Valley Apartment
    • Yongin Sinbong Highvill Apartment
    • Seoul Hawoulgok New city Highvill residence complex
    • Kazakhstan Highvill Astana Complex in Astana
    • Four Seaeous Hotel in Astana Plan
    • Turkmenistan Ashkhabad District 15 Development
  • Representative Architect
    YongSuk Cho / Architect
    • 2001

      Yeongnam University

    • 9BL Jungheung S-Class Centum View
    • Sindang Hana U-bora New Stay
    • SCGgroup Paju Reasearch Laboratory
    • Hyundai Dangjin2 Cold-rolling Plant
    • Taean Company New City Golf Resort
    • Eunpyeong New Town, Hillstate
    • Sicksa District, Ilsan Wi-city, Xi
    • Shillim-dong PODO Tower
    • Hwasung Dongtan 2-3/2-5 Block Apartment
  • Project Manager
    OChul Kwon
    • 1996

      Seoul National University of Sceience and Technology

    • Grand Walkerhill Seoul New tower(W-HOTEL)
    • Incheon Songdo Mixed-use Complex, D24BL
    • Dongtan New Town Master Plan
    • Yeosu EXPO town Apartment 1, 2BL
    • Paju Unjeong New Town Humansia A5, 17, 18, 18-1BL
    • Seoul National University Graduate school dormitory
    • Highvill Park2, Astana, Kazakhstan
    • Highvill Ishim, astana, Kazakhstan
  • Project Manager
    JoonKyu Park
    • 2002

      Hoseo University

    • Nonhyeon Dong-a Reconstruction Apartment
    • Nonhyeon Namgang/Samjin Reconstruction Apartment
    • Sindorim World Meridian Officetel
    • Ulsan Dal-dong World Meridian Apartment
    • Al Ghadeer Residentioal Complex(Abu Dhabi)
    • Changwon District Prosecutor’s Office Jinju District
    • The Legal Research & Training Institute(Design Development)
    • Propulsion supply system & turbopump large trading facility(PUFF)
    • Korea Rural Economic Institute New building
    • Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office Cheonan District
    • Convergence Bioceramic Material Center
    • Wonju Prison
    • Pangyo Zero City Knowledge Industry Center
  • Project Manager
    KyungMoon Noh
    • Jincheon Dongil Highvill Park terrace Apartment
    • Cheongju Gaesin2 District Urban Development
    • Yeoju Sejong District Urban Development